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The virtual transport card is FREE until 31.10.2021

In cooperation with selected public transport companies in Slovakia, we are gradually introducing a unique option for paying transport fares with Google Pay TM, via a virtual card. The virtual transport card is a novelty in the payment of public transport. It fully replaces the plastic shipping card as well as cash payment. Thanks to the connection of the UBIAN application with Google Pay TM, it allows you to pay on the bus conveniently by mobile phone.

If you activate a virtual transport card in the UBIAN application, you can pay for public transport fares with your mobile phone and you will no longer need a plastic transport card. It is a smart and environmentally friendly solution that we have decided to make available to passengers on public transport for free on the occasion of European Mobility Week 2021! The event lasts until 31.10.2021.

At the same time, 3 other carriers - SAD Prešov, Arriva Michalovce and Bus Karpaty - are added to the current public transport companies, where it is possible to equip a new virtual transport card and pay for it on bus (go to the list of carriers). You will not be able to equip the virtual card with other public transport companies in the east of Slovakia yet, but if you have purchased it from another company, you can also pay with it at SAD Poprad (in suburban and urban transport), SAD Humenné and Eurobus, which fully accept payment by virtual transport card.