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Passengers can use a virtual transport card with three other public transport companies in Slovakia. They are SAD Lučenec, SAD Dunajská Streda and DPM Považská Bystrica.

What are the benefits of a virtual card for passengers?

The main advantage is the simplicity of payment and user comfort, which will be appreciated especially by regular passengers. While in various mobile transport applications for the purchase of one-time travel tickets a number of steps are required, with a virtual transport card it is enough to light up the display and attach the mobile phone to the terminal. The virtual card provides an easy way for passengers to buy a new transport card, store it in their mobile phone and conveniently top it up with travel credit or buy a subscription time ticket.

How does it work?

The virtual transport card works the same as the plastic transport card, but in a virtual environment. To issue a ticket, passengers traveling to the terminal on the bus enclose their smartphone with an active virtual transport card instead of a plastic card. Payment will be made in a few seconds thanks to the link to Google Pay. There is no need to run any application. Payment by virtual card takes place even without access to mobile data. The entire transaction is performed offline without the need for any communication with the server. The virtual transport card allows you to top up your travel credit and purchase a travel ticket subscription directly by mobile phone.

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