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We offer a complete solution in the form of a Personalization Center. Through it, the cards can be personalized in one step, both visually and electronically. The Personalization Center consists of the mutual integration of hardware components and control software.

System hardware is made up of a printer with a resolution of up to 300x1200 dpi, which enables sharp and legible print of small text, complicated characters, or 2D codes. Another hardware element is an integrated chip module directly in the printer, which allows us to electronically and visually personalize the chip card in one step.

An integral part is the software part consisting of UNIStudent program. Thanks to it, you will gain many options to extend the system. The software provides the following options:

Complete overview and management of cards

Editing the card design

Connection to the photo workplace

Order of cards directly from the program

Connection with access, attendance and catering systems

Linking the program with the system for acceptance of student transport discounts

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