eShop - Webportal for time-tickets selling and EP charging

The aim of the solution

The main concerns, which this solution addresses, are:

  • Allowing the passengers to add credit to electronic purse (EP) using an internet application
  • Increase of passenger comfort (they can add credit to EP whenever and wherever)
  • Gradual decrease in operating costs for physical sales offices


The actual writing of online event to the contactless smart card is performed when the card is tapped to one of these devices:

  • passenger processing device in regional transport vehicles
  • inspector reader with our application
  • pre-sale application at the sales office
  • Vending machine of the 526 series


Holders of travel cards issued by regional and city transport providers and holders of Student cards issued by secondary schools, universities and colleges with activated Transport feature, may buy tickets online.


The concept of the solution

The solution consists of the following parts:

  • Online application
  • Online order for electronic money deposit to the card
  • Online order of pre-paid ticket
  • Payment options
  • Order history
  • Processing of orders and file of events
  • Processing of paid orders
  • Creation and management of events
  • Entering the event into the list for a particular division
  • Distribution of the list of events into the devices
  • Physical input / writing to the smart card
  • Record entry into statistics
  • Event confirmation
  • Reports of orders and payment operations


Online application

It is possible to place an order any day of the year at any time of the day, except during the scheduled system maintenance breaks.

Online order for electronic money deposit to the card

The customer may deposit funds into the electronic purse of the smart card using an online application.

In order to make the deposit, it is necessary to enter the card serial number, which is written on the contactless smart card or on the receipt that the customer received when making the purchase at the sales office. In case the card serial number is not written on the card, the customer needs to request it at the provider’s sales office.

When logging into the system, the customer is informed about the EP balance. The balance is current as of the last update date and time.

Using the online application, the customer selects the amount that he/she wants to deposit to the EP and provides his/her e-mail address.

After reviewing the entered data, the customer selects the payment method and confirms the agreement with Sales conditions by checking the confirmation checkbox. In case the checkbox is not ticked, the application will not continue with the order.

In case of payment using an online payment option, the customer is automatically redirected to the online banking of the specified bank. The customer then follows the bank’s instructions. After the payment is complete, the customer is redirected back to the web portal. The payment is sent to the transport provider’s account. After the transaction, the client receives an e-mail confirmation and details of the deposit to EP.


Payment options

The web portal supports several payment types:


On-line payment for clients of Slovenská sporiteľňa. After submitting the order, the client is redirected to the Slovenská sporiteľňa website, where he/she signs in and completes the payment.



On-line payment for clients of Tatra Banka. After submitting the order, the client is redirected to the Tatra Banka website, where he/she signs in and completes the payment.



On-line payments for clients of VÚB. After submitting the order, the client is redirected to the VÚB website, where he/she signs in and completes the payment.


Bank transfer (off-line payment)

Clients make the payment by sending money from their accounts to the provider’s account, which must be with VÚB bank. This payment method is for clients, who do not have access to any of the above described online payment options.

Using this payment type, it is necessary to perform the online EP deposit at least 4 business days before the desired order fulfilment.

In case of bank transfer, the customer receives the order with all purchase details and is required to follow the instructions written in the order. After the transport provider receives the payment, an e-mail is sent to the customer that the order has been successfully completed.


Credit card payment using eCard

Clients may pay using credit and debit cards MasterCard/Maestro*, VISA/VISA Electron*, Diners Club (* provided that the issuing bank enables e-commerce transactions with these cards) regardless the bank or country of card origin. After submitting the order, the client is redirected to VÚB payment portal, which provides the service. The client enters the necessary information – card number, card validity and the CVS code. When the payment is complete, the customer is redirected back to the web portal. This payment method is also suitable for customers from abroad.


Order history

After signing into the order history with a username and password, the customer is informed about his/her previous EP credits online. The customer receives the password, when depositing the first amount to the EP online. The username is the e-mail address he/she entered when placing the order. In case of forgotten password, it is possible to generate a new one and have it sent to the specified e-mail address.


Receipt printing

It is possible to print the EP deposit receipt for tax purposes online.


E-mail notification

After the payment for an order, an e-mail confirmation is automatically sent to the customer e-mail address.

The confirmation e-mail does not serve as a ticket.


Ticketing system

The paid orders are automatically recorded into the provider’s acceptance devices. The file of events is updated from the Transport server via GPRS (it is necessary that GPRS communication is active in the device).

When the smart card is tapped to the card reader / validator in the vehicle, all EP transactions are recorded to the card.  

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