Unified autentication system for libraries

The basis of the library system are multifunctional contactless MIFARE type cards with memory and an option to read and write a specific data structure in a desired format. The students and employees of Slovak universities and colleges may use their school IDs also as library cards. It is also possible to mutually accept the library cards between other academic and scientific libraries joined in the “library passport” project in Slovakia, e.g. University library in Bratislava, State scientific library in B. Bystrica and Prešov, Slovak forestry and woodwork library in Zvolen, Centre of scientific and technical information, etc. 

The system consists of a combination of communication devices (terminals/scanners) and relevant software equipment with complex supplier support.

The authentication system consists of the following modules: 

The whole solution works with fields:

1. unique card ID, SNR
2. first name
3. surname
4. credit
5. card blocking or card state – blocked, not blocked....

Based on the above, there are no problems in ensuring data uniformity, data conflict resolution and decrease the overall data synchronization time.

The JAS system that we offer can be used for other external services connected to the library system, such as for access to online electronic sources, e.g. proxy, to monitor the cards in real time, check the amount of credit online, etc.

Besides providing and integrating the existing systems with our hardware and software, we also offer connection to the EMBASE system. The EMBASE system offers also a complex list of blocked cards (blacklist import).

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