Currently, the „University student card“ is used at 33 universities in Slovakia, more specifically at 20 public universities, 2 state universities and 11 private universities.

We offer several systems for universities, all of which share the common basic element – contactless smart card. The systems use MIFARE type cards, which belong among the most progressively developing technologies in the world. At their core, there is a chip connected to an antenna on the perimeter of the card without its own power supply. The card does not need any external power supply.

The contactless MIFARE smart card offers a high standard of comfort to its daily user. One of its basic features is the electronic identification of the cardholder. The card thus becomes a key for the student/employee to specific school systems/modules. Based on this Student card, the holder is admitted into the school building, into an academic library, may order meals through the catering and may use dressing rooms and parking lots on campus. In addition to that, the employees may use it for attendance system. In the external environment, this Student card serves as a ticket for public transport, library pass, identification for discounts at bus or train companies.

In practice, this means that the student/employee card carries both internal and external applications. The internal applications fall under the decisions of schools and external applications depend on the cardholder’s needs. 

Internal applications External applications

More information is available at www.preukazstudenta.sk


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