Secondary schools

We offer several systems for secondary schools that are based on a contactless smart card. The systems use a Mifare type card, which is one of the most progressive current technologies in the world. At its core is a chip connected to an antenna at the perimeter of the card without its own power source. The card does not need any external power source either. 

Contactless MIFARE Standard card provides a high comfort to the user during the use for daily activities. It provides a basic electronic identification of the cardholder and becomes the student‘s / employee’s key to specific school modules. Without it, they cannot enter the laboratories, computer classroom, school swimming pool or order meals. In the external environment, they can use it for prepaid public transport tickets or as Library cards.

All of these ideas and functionality are reflected in one headline: project Intelligent school and Student card.


The goal of the project is to create a safe and modern school based on contactless card applications usage (Student card). The contactless card combines the following functionalities:

  • it serves as an Student card for the secondary school student (full replacement for a paper confirmation of attendance)

  • safe and controlled access to school premises, laboratories, dressing rooms, dorms

  • meal ordering

  • electronic grade book

  • e-learning connectivity

  • option to submit assignments and homework online (e.g. in case when a student cannot participate in person due to illness; this option is also suitable for handicapped students)

  • use of external applications that are initialized in the card chip (i.e. the student card may serve as a transport card in regional, city or train transport, as a library card, electronic ticket or for FaxCopy services, ...)

  • use of commercial discounts based on ISIC and EURO<26


From the school perspective, the Intelligent school project brought the pilot schools the following advantages:

  • increased security in the school (controlled access to dressing rooms, to school premises, camera monitoring system, ...)

  • electronic attendance system for students and teachers (decrease in truancy, replacement of paper attendance records, ...)

  • replacement for paper meal tickets and resulting cost reduction

  • replacement of paper confirmation of attendance for transport applications (The student does not need a the paper confirmation from school at the beginning of the academic year to buy discounted tickets. The card is accepted as a full replacement for the confirmation of attendance)

  • use of contactless smart card in external applications 

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