Passenger information system

The information system for passengers represents an effective and elegant information channel. Its basic role is to inform the passenger about his/her position, destination and travel time. The system provides visual, acoustic and interactive information.

The visual information system is used in the information displays and can be further divided into vehicle system and platform/stop system. Acoustic information system is usually provided in the form of announcements for blind passengers, stop announcements, driver announcements or dispatching system announcements. There is also an option to acoustically announce the departing vehicles using the platform/stop displays.

Vehicle information system

The provider may select from the portfolio of information panels and build a customized configuration. It is possible to use LED or LCD information panels that we offer or other supported LED panels. The LED panels may be frontal, side or back panels that usually face out of the vehicle and internal LED or LCD panels that inform the on-board passengers. We support panels from various regional suppliers that communicate via 485, IBIS interface or Ethernet using a supported protocol. It is possible to add a not yet supported protocol on demand.

Besides the basic functionality, including a large array of provider customizable modes of display and announcements or displays of stop names (including their proper diacritics), an interesting feature is the option to send messages to LCD panels form the dispatching system and the option to display information or advertisement messages and videos. The next feature that increases the passenger comfort, is the option to display connections at the stops, which take into account any real-time delays of the connecting lines. Obviously, this functionality is tied to the dispatching and control system.

Stop/platform information system

Display of information about the arriving and departing lines on a given stop or platform is enabled through a platform system, which has both internal and external version. In case of a platform, only the lines departing from the given platform are displayed, while the stop display shows departures from all platforms. In combination with dispatching and control system, it is possible to display the real times of arrivals and departures and information messages from the dispatching system. A great advantage is that it is possible to fully customize the design of this kind of panel. You may try the panel designer here.

Interactive system for passengers

Since the mobile applications are very popular, there has been a need to inform the passengers also this way. The providers that use the dispatching system may provide the information also through a web portal which is mobile devices friendly.

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