Library terminal PCR 300MU

PCR300MU is used in libraries together with corresponding software to read the serial number of contactless cards. In case of library, it allows member identification (students, teachers, university employees, secondary school employees, etc.) book loans and returns books in the library. After tapping the library smart card to the device, it scans the card serial number into the system. This number is unique, because it is assigned during the manufacturing process and the manufacturer guarantees that it will not repeat. The program matches this number with a specific user in the database and displays the data about this person to the library employee. Next, a barcode reader/RFID is used to scan the returned/loaned books and writes the data into the database. This way, the library terminal simplifies and speeds up the ordering, loans and returns of the books in the library. The devices can also be used to login into a web application or into a specific PC workstation.

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