Fare collection system

The purpose of the product is to offer public transport companies a platform for complex, safe and effective fair collection in public transport.

Complexity and variability

Whether you need a standalone solution just for fare collection in a vehicle or a fully integrated solution that covers a broad spectrum of passenger services, you can use our solution. That is because our processing system may be used as a fully integrated solution for public transport companies. This allows cooperation of modules - starting with fare collection, then with providing information to passengers and ending with management and evaluation of transport processes. It also enables a complete system administration for the transport providers using our TransOffice information system.

The fare collection system of the vehicle and client centres offers a choice of several tariff rules and their combinations based on card type, distance travelled, zones travelled or payment type. It is possible to include transfers, additional passengers, special tariffs and regional or time-dependent discounts. It supports area, zone, kilometric, relational pricelists necessary in regional, intercity or city transport, including integrated transport systems. For city transport, both validation systems (at entry and at exit) are supported. It is possible to use various types of payment: paper tickets, cash payments, contactless electronic payment or payment using a combined bank card.

Customer-oriented approach

The provided fare collection system is modular, scalable, configurable and ready for customization to meet client’s needs. In case of specific needs, it can also be extended by new functionality. Listening to client’s requests, their evaluation, expert consultation and communication with the customer are the basic building blocks on which this product is built.


The solution that uses our fare collection system has been implemented and working in thousands of vehicles for years. See its stability for yourself.


Using the electronic card technology, it is possible to achieve a fast and secure passenger payment for the provided transport service. The security of the system relies on the acceptance of Desfire type cards and usage of SAM security modules.

Sale of single and prepaid tickets

Based on the customer needs, it is possible to build the sale infrastructure using the sale of single and prepaid tickets in the vehicle, at a sales office, in vending machines or from the comfort of the home using a website.

Control / inspector system

One part of the fare collection system is the system for passenger inspection, which allows inspection both in regional and city transport systems.


The system supports various import and export file formats for interoperability with other transport and economic systems. Besides the functional integration with our modules TransFleet and TransOffice, it is possible to join our system with various suppliers' position tracking, telemetric and information systems and other components from.


The system allows the public transport providers to make changes of tariff rules, which then distribute further and update automatically or with set new validity. This simplifies the work of public transport comapnies, removes cash transactions from the drivers and decreases the number of passengers who do not pay. The system also supports mutual acceptance of tickets among different providers.

For passengers, the advantages are primarily fast and simple fare collection in the vehicle and the option to use one card for multiple providers.

Backoffice – management of inputs and outputs of the complete transportation process

Our system for control and verification of transportation process TransOffice offers:

  • well-arranged and detailed preparation of tariff and transport data for point of sale (POS) devices
  • management of POS devices' updates
  • data collection about transported passengers and statistical reviews based on these data: sales, structure and number of passengers
  • offline verification of transport punctuality
  • processing of drivers' daily worksheets, their gross wage calculations, check-up of working time fund
  • monitoring of vehicles' odometers
  • monitoring of fuel consumption
  • and various exports to a number of other economic and salary software

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