City card

The main goal of the City card system:

  • It Simplifies, benefits and popularizes the daily life in a given metropolitan area with the goal to naturally integrate the applications related to city life into one contactless smart card.


The city card IDEA

•   city card as a citizen identification, authorization and payment means
•    bring the city life closer to the citizens and simplify it
•    card for discounts
•    informatisation of society
•    development of city services for the citizens
The city card IS AN IDEAL TOOL, because it:

•   increases the city prestige 
•    introduces a targeted communication
•    increases the individual citizen participation in decision making
•    brings data about the citizen behaviour and priorities that have been unknown until now
•    engages wide range of entrepreneurs
•    increases effectiveness of cultural establishments
•    is a long-term controllable investment

The effort of the city is to bring its citizens something more, something new, something extraordinary that they have not experienced before. The city card could at the same time simplify, improve and make easier their day-to-day life. One of the card objectives is to offer the citizens a modern tool for communication with the city hall and use the consecutive advantages. The city card project represents a very interesting solution for day-to-day life of citizens.

The city card as a physical product represents a package of services, benefits and discounts that was created in order to simplify and bring various services closer to the citizens and visitors/tourists: recreational services (hotels, bed-and-breakfasts in the city and near surroundings), cultural services (cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries), sport activities (swimming pool, winter stadium, sport events organized by the city) and commercial services (product discounts). 

The city card – a contactless smart card can be used to access the city portal, where it is used for citizen identification.

City portal

City portal, or digital city office, represents an additional communication and service channel for citizens who need to communicate with city. The city web portal – „Virtual office“ – may offer several functions, starting with simple informative online presence, where the citizen can find the necessary information, to complex web portal, where the citizens may access their personal information after they have entered their identification data. The most advanced portal would be a fully interactive one, where the citizens can make specific payments, as well as submit electronic requests for various licenses, monitor their status, etc.

City portal idea:

•   uninterrupted and comfortable access to city hall services (accessibility and usability)
•    a platform for cooperation of regional partners
•    it is possible to implement a loyalty program
•    new concept for citizen, visitor and entrepreneur relations

Why connect the city card and the city portal?

What does the city card offer to the city portal?

•    Unique and secure citizen identification for personalized client services using the card (no need to create and require a new registration in order to use the digital city office services)
•    The option to use the city card electronic purse for payments

What does the city portal offer to the city card?

•   New uses for the electronic purse
•    Increase in city card services usage
•    Significant strengthening of card marketing (e.g. benefit program available also in the portal) 

More details may be found in the brochure (PDF).  

The connection between city card and city portal is offered in cooperation with Millennium 000, spol. s r. o.  

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