Automatic cash register EM526i

The vending machine EM526i is designed for recharging credit to the personal account of contactless card user and registered library member. The machine has vandalism-resistant design (robust metal box secured with a certified lock, display made of hard glass, damage-resistant buttons) and may be placed also in locations where supervision by personnel is not possible.

The vending machine is equipped with a large color LCD information display, contactless card reader, banknote reader or coin machine and possibly also with POS terminal for depositing credit directly from bank account using a bank card. The banknote reader accepts 7 banknote denominations. For security reasons, it is possible to restrict the maximum accepted banknote. The automatic vending machine can work with different currencies (SKK, EURO, USD, CZK, etc.). It is fully prepared to accept EURO. The vending machine allows coin deposit and returns change as required by the customer. There are 4 storage stacks installed in the device (4 coin types). 

The card reader is capable of displaying the card information on the terminal (e.g. electronic purse balance) and of depositing the received amount to the personal account. POS terminal makes it possible to add credit directly by making a payment with a bank card. The communication between the device and the central server is done using the GSM/GPRS communication module.

Despite the included security features, it is recommended to place the device in the interior, with at least occasional supervision, since there is manipulation with and storage of banknotes involved. 

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