Attendance system

Every employee owns an identification medium, which is scanned on arrival to work and on departure from work at installed terminals. This information is stored in the terminal until its transfer to a collection computer and from there to a database server. After the records are entered into the database, the data is pre-processed and made available for user updates. The initial pre-processing is performed during the night, i.e. during the time when the computer is not heavily used. In the morning, the data for previous day are available.

In case the employee made a mistake (e.g. recorded arrival instead of departure) or forgot the identification medium, the operator – system user corrects or completes the records. The system is designed in such a way that the operators need to do the least amount of work and therefore it is possible to also input planned absence, i.e. in case the employee knows he/she will be on vacation the next day, he/she can enter this information into the system either at the terminal or through a web-application, which is accessible to a high percentage of end users.

Attendance terminal EM 316 iT

During the month, the operators monitor or update the attendance of the employees, and at the end of the month the responsible employee runs the final statements and export into payroll system. The exported data can serve as a direct input for payroll calculations.

Attendance system application includes functions, which guarantee complete data processing:

  • record keeping – automatic, based on terminal readings and manual updates,

  • overviews – real-time count of employees on-site, worked hours records for payroll, vacation days, etc. both in electronic form and for printing,

  • employee records – work calendars,

  • register administration – holidays, register codes for terminal scans and their evaluation,

  • fully customizable work regime types,

  • unlimited scans in the course of the day,

  • work with selection criteria – personal data may be criteria for selection,

  • access rights management,

  • bulk data updates,

  • employee transfers among divisions over the course of the month,

  • work time balance on the terminal,

  • reports – daily, weekly, monthly per employee, department, division, company,

  • statistical overviews,

  • two-way connection to human resources (upon agreement),

  • connection to payroll,

  • monitoring of overtime.


The main goals of introducing our attendance system are: 

  • Clarification and simplification of payroll and management work:

Use of attendance terminal for fast and accurate employee attendance records. Increase in effectiveness of work of all employees as a result of automatic attendance tracking.

  • Monitoring of legislation:

Based on the legislation changes, the system allows updates of attendance evaluation system. 

  • Minimization of paperwork:

Simple scanning of contactless cards removes the need for manual filling of attendance records or sheets.

  • Unambiguous and accurate data for payroll:

Integration of attendance data with your payroll system. Authorized processing of payroll data and decrease in the processing time. Connection to other subsystems.

  • Accurate record keeping for arrivals, departures and breaks:

By simple operation of the scanning terminal, every employee can scan a specific type of shift break (lunch, business trip, doctor visit, ...),
System automatically records the employees who do not scan at the terminal (top management).

  • Approval process for employee absence:

The system enables removal of paper vacation tickets. The manager approves vacation and absence (compensatory leave) of employees in the system. The employee is informed about the approval by e-mail.

  • Record keeping and planning of national and international business trips, attendance monitoring:

Simple record keeping of national and international business trips through intranet. Removal of paper travel claims. Designated employee has a real-time overview of employees presence on-site or of shift attendance. 

  • Simple corrections of any mistakes in scanning:

Designated employee, who is defined as an active user, can only edit the records of his/her assigned employees according to the organizational structure (payroll employee, workshop master, …) based on his/her user rights.

  • Security for scanned data:

Hardware and software backup, power backup for terminals. The terminals remember 520 scans in the OFF LINE mode, 3000 scans in case of extended memory.


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