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The portal is primarily designed for mobile users. It provides information about current bus positions. It also shows the closest bus stops according to the passenger position (on a map) and current departures of buses from the bus stop including the true time of their arrival and departure. This way, the passenger using the mobile application gains an overview of the nearby bus connections according to his/her position (on the map), about the current connection between two given stops and about the arrivals of buses at the given stops.

Currently, five providers offer this information online – Slovak Lines a.s. (regional transport), eurobus, a.s. (regional and city transport Spišská Nová Ves and Rožňava), ARRIVA Michalovce, a.s. (regional and city transport Trebišov), Bus Karpaty, s.r.o. Stará Ľubovňa (regional transport) and MDS a.s., Považská Bystrica (city transport). 

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... because we provide our customers with complex services, which help them increase effectiveness by implementation of intelligent system solutions in the area of information technologies based on contactless cards used as identification media.

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