SAD Žilina has joined the "Mojbus" project

The company SAD Žilina keeps on increasing the quality of service and passenger access to information. A big step in this direction has been the launch of a new web application MojBus, which provides accurate information to the passengers in real time.  

The company SAD Žilina in cooperation with Žilina Self-governing Region brings this new application, which provides all necessary information and much more. The new application will make the travel easier and it will provide all current information about connections, current bus position, exact time of arrival and departure and information about possible delays. „This application brings a lot of new information that has been used by the provider for a long time, but now, thanks to the application, it is also available to the passengers. For us, it is a really big step towards our customers - we are getting even more open. Considering the region, in which we operate, the traffic is very intense and, unfortunately, many traffic collisions happen that we, as a provider, cannot influence.

Now we can provide this information to passengers waiting for their bus at the bus stop. They will know the delay of their bus and its current position. Using this information, they can adjust their travel plans,“ says the CEO of SAD Žilina, Peter Pobeha.


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