Rebranding of our company

Dear business partners,


     Please, allow me to inform you that as of July 1, 2014 we are changing the name of our company from the original EMtest-SK s.r.o. to the new name TransData s.r.o. with headquarters at Jašíkova 2, 821 03 Bratislava.

     This step is a logical conclusion of changes that have recently happened in our company, as well as an answer to the market requests. We want to clearly confirm that our effort is directed at standardization and professionalization of all activities and services we provide. The business name change is an integral part of this effort.

     The company has approved the decision to change the business name at the General Assembly held June 10, 2014. The change is effective as of the registration date at the business register. Starting this registration date, the company is going to use the new business name. The change of company business name has no influence over existing signed contracts and other legal relations. The company is going to continue to fulfill all signed contracts and the fulfillment of its obligations and rights will be based on these existing contracts. This announcement serves only for information purposes and is not a change of valid contracts, their content and cannot be interpreted as a change of any other legal relation with the company. In case a change is needed in your contract in the names of contract parties (company business name), we are prepared to meet your requirements.

     We also confirm that there has been no change in Managing Directors, management and employees that have been communicating with you. All identification data (Company ID, VAT, account number etc.), as well as phone numbers remain the same. There is a change in e-mail addresses, i.e. instead of there will be a new address If you use the original address, it will be automatically forwarded to the new e-mail address.

     We kindly request that you use the new business name for all tax documents sent to our company from now on.

     We believe that the process that has started in September last year and stabilized the market segment in Slovakia will successfully continue in a mutually agreeable form.



Ing. Branislav Jurčišin

Director, TransData s.r.o.

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