New Slovak Lines features for customers

Bus transport provider introduces several new features that improve the information and service accessibility for Slovak Lines customers. Today, the passengers no longer need to come to the bus station for all services, many of them can be accessed from the comfort of their own homes. 

The first new feature is a redesigned website that adaptively responds to the used mobile device. It includes a simplified search engine. Using this engine, it is easier for passengers to find their connections in the timetables and other necessary travel information and to buy tickets to Vienna airport or other Austrian destinations online.

The second good news is that the passengers no longer need to come to the sales office to get a new travel card. Today, they can order it online by filling out a simple electronic questionnaire, uploading a photo and making a payment. Postal courier then delivers the card to an address of their choice.

The third news is the Slovak Lines participation in the position tracking portal The passengers can use the internet and mobile application to check the position of the bus they are waiting for or they can find the closest connection nearby. In order to use this service, they only need to have a mobile phone with an internet connection and localized services turned on. 

The transport provider also continuously extends the internet connection availability. 90% of municipal buses offer WiFi and this number is still increasing.

„The trend of internet services development in transport is clear. That is why we continue to focus on it and bring this set of services,“ says the Slovak Lines CEO, Ing. Peter Sádovský: „We will continue to monitor the trends in IT world, look for their application in our segment and offer new interesting possibilities to our customers.“

Slovak Lines learns what the customers need and value from active communication on social networks, mostly Facebook. Recently, there has been a new FB application introduced, called „CONTACT US“, which the customers can use for submitting their problems, comments and suggestions. The issues are distributed directly among the relevant employees and competently resolved.


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