Access system

One of the tools for increasing the security of buildings, offices, laboratories and other spaces are access systems (AS) that use smart cards. They reliably control the access to information and protect the tangible and intangible assets. Their security functions make them one of the most important features of company security.

The main role of an access system is secure and automatic control of entry authorization into objects, e.g. entry to the grounds, into buildings, to a parking lot etc. Using contactless identification cards Mifare, it is possible to open all doors, gates, turnstiles, to which the access had been granted in the application software.

The access system serves as a record system for entry into selected spaces, where the classical keys and locks are replaced with identification cards – contactless cards MIFARE MF1 S70 and cards compatible with MIFARE MF1 S70, and access readers and electronic locks. The system offers functional solution for recording access into individual objects, in which it is installed. It can be connected to existing information systems and allows independent implementation of any necessary subsystems.  

The program equipment of the system is modular. New components that might be necessary in the future can be added later on. This technology also expects possible parameter changes over time. It is possible to create customer components as requested – e.g. new print reports or customization of performance in specific operation conditions. 

Door access terminal EM551

Concentrator EM 808.1

Higher effectiveness and quality of work

The system supports:

  • real-time monitoring of movement of persons.

Accuracy and simple identification

The access records are secured by:

  • contactless reading technology,

  • smart readers placed near the doors read the data from card. Based on this data, the AS then decides whether to open the door. 


Advantage of the provided system

The system may bring:

  • history of movement of persons in the university,

  • automatic control of entering and leaving persons in individual access zones

  • control of movement of persons in work and non-work hours,

  • connection to other subsystems.

Basic features of AS:

  • opening electronic lock based on evaluation of access rights,

  • keeping records on authorized an unauthorized access through terminal,

  • records about arriving and departing visitors,

  • records about room blocking/room reservations,

  • automatic opening of doors during an alarm (e.g. fire),

  • automatic lockdown during breach of the building.


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